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Frequently asked questions about our branding change

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On October 30, 2020, ServiceBridge will change its name to GPS Insight Field Service Management. This article will help you understand how this name change will impact you.​


What Will Change

  • You will see a different logo when you login to your ServiceBridge web and mobile applications. An example of these new logos is shown below.

  • The homepage will be simplified to only allow login, chat, contact forms, and navigating to GPS Insight's Field Service Management landing page.

  • The ServiceBridge mobile app on your phone will change to "GPS Insight FSM". You can find the mobile app in the app store by searching for "GPS Insight FSM".

  • Admins that receive ServiceBridge subscription billing invoices will see a new logo.

What Won't Change

  • You will still be able to login to ServiceBridge by going to

  • You can still contact our support team by chat, email, or phone using the same methods you use today.

  • Any integrations you've built using our API at will not be impacted.

  • Your license agreement, pricing, and feature access will remain unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing?

We are happy to join GPS Insight family and are looking to provide a seamless experience for our users across the entire GPS Insight product family.

Is there any action I need to take?

No, this process will be automatic. The functionality you use on a daily basis will work exactly as it does.

Do I need to reinstall any software for my technicians?

No, there is no need to reinstall any software for this change. The apps will automatically update to the new design on their own.

Will my subscription fee come from a different vendor now?

No, your license and agreement will be unchanged, they will be charged to the same payment you currently have with ServiceBridge.

If there are any questions that was not answer in this FAQ, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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