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Basic Job Commissions

How to enable and use Basic Commissions

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The purpose of this article is to show how to enable and use our Basic Commissions feature. Basic commissions are based off Finished/Completed Work Orders.

To enable Basic Commissions, please navigate to your Personnel page and select the Personnel you wish to have commissions applied to.

Notes: Commissions cannot be applied to historical work orders.

Scroll down to "Payroll Setup" and click onto "Edit"

Toggle "On" for "Commissions Enabled" and click "Save"

Afterwards, click onto "Configure" on the "Payroll Setup" section

In the popup enter the Commission Percentage you wish to apply for the individual.

If you need to edit a specific Product and/or Service, you can click onto the "pencil" icon to edit the individual item.

Type in the amount and click onto the "Check" to save.

After the set up for commissions has been enabled for the Individual, any work order the Personnel finishes or completes will be recorded within the "Commissions Report."

If you do not see the report "Commissions Report", please contact ServiceBridge Support.

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