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Bulk import and export Customer, Asset and Products and Services

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The purpose of this article is to provide information on using the Data Import/Export tool to batch retrieve/update data. 

Exporting Data 

If you are looking to download Customer, Asset and/or Products and Services data, you can accomplish this with our "Data Import/Export" feature. 

To begin, click onto the gear cog next to your name in the upper right corner and click onto "Data Import/Export"

Once you are loaded into the next page, you will see an all the available data to export. Click onto "Export" and depending on how much data is in the section, a file will begin to download and automatically save to your defaulted download folder. 

Importing Data

If you have pre-existing data you wish to import, first click onto "Data Sample" to find the information that is accepted by our Import tool. This file will contain a sample of data you already have existing in your database. This will be a template you can use to fill in your data. Not every account will have the same Data Sample, this depends on what custom fields you've created within your account account (if any have been created). Any unrecognized fields/columns can return an error message or fail to import.

1. Click onto "Data Sample" a CSV file.  Open the file in Excel to review the fields that are needed to be filled in. 

Here is a sample of what it can look like.
Note: Please do not edit/delete the position and names of columns.

Using this as a reference template, you can add your information into the spreadsheet.

2. Once you've saved the changes on the spreadsheet you can import the file. Click onto "Select File" and a locate where you've saved the file.

3. Once you've found the correct file. You will see the name of the file loaded in. Click "Import" to continue with the import. 

If the file was uploaded successfully, you will see a message informing you it has been imported successfully. It also references how many records and time. 

If it was unsuccessful, it will return an error message and reference which cell is incorrect. Correct this error and repeat step 2 and 3 until there no more error messages.

Updating Data

Using a combination of the Export and Import data, you can batch update multiple customer records at once. Follow the steps below to update data in batch.

  1. Export the data of the category by following the steps for "Exporting Data"

  2. Open and Edit the spreadsheet within Excel. Once finished editing, save the file. 

  3. Import the data by following the steps with "Importing Data'

If you are experiencing any problems with using the Data Import/Export tool, please reach out to our support team via Live Chat or Email.

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