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How to accept payments online with the PayNow portal
How to accept payments online with the PayNow portal
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This article will show you how you are now able to enable your customers to submit payments online through the Pay Now portal - one of the many convenient features if you have a relationship with CardConnect and ServiceBridge.

Applying for CardConnect

You need to first apply for CardConnect to enable this feature.  If you are not yet a member you will see the following note in your Invoices within ServiceBridge.

When you click the 'Learn more' button it will open up a window with a clickable link that will allow you to apply for CardConnect.

You can also access this link within your Company Settings under the Accounting section:

Accepting Online Payments

If you are already a subscriber you should see the following when you try to send your invoices to your customer.

Clicking 'Send' will email your customer a copy of the invoice with a clickable link that will allow them to access a secure online portal to enter their payment information.  

The message will look like the following when your customer receives it.  You are also able to customize this message within ServiceBridge when you send any Invoices.

When the customer receives the email they are now able to click 'Pay Now' to access the online Pay Now portal which will appear as the following:

The payment will be securely accepted and recorded on your invoice when the customer enters their billing information and clicking the 'Pay' button.

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