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How to Edit Invoice Emails in ServiceBridge
How to Edit Invoice Emails in ServiceBridge
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Now in ServiceBridge you are able to make changes and edit outgoing Invoice emails to your customers using ServiceBridge.  

Sending an Invoice Email

You will send these Invoice emails the same way you have always done this in your account.  Find the invoice in question and then click the 'Send' button in the General section of the Invoice.

Editing your Invoice Email

The first thing you'll be able to do is edit and add additional email recipients to your Invoice email.

You can add Cc: and Bcc: email recipients as well.  Simply type the email directly or you can edit a Customer contact's email address by clicking on the pencil icon.

It is very easy to add additional recipients to your Invoice emails.

Subject: simply type to edit the Subject line to be whatever you choose
Attachments: select this dropdown to include an attachments.  Attachments need to be already attached to the invoice in ServiceBridge to appear in the selection.

Message: you can also edit and type new details within the main body of the message.

Please Note: This includes the details within the highlighted blue box including the Amount Due.

Editing Email Preferences: you can also edit your email preferences by clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the menu.

Reset to Default

If at any point you are unhappy with any changes you've made you can click on any of the 'Reset to default' buttons to change the email back to the original format and start fresh in that section.

Once you are satisfied with the Invoice email click 'Send' at the bottom and your email has been sent.

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