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How to send a Work Order or Estimate Receipt
How to send a Work Order or Estimate Receipt
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ServiceBridge allows you the functionality to send a receipt to a customer from the field directly from the mobile app.  When a technician completes a job and changes the status to 'Finished' he/she will receive a notification asking if the system should send the customer a receipt.

Clicking 'Send' allows the technician to use the email address on file or edit if the customer wishes the receipt to be sent to another email.  

Sending a Work Order/Estimate Receipt in ServiceBridge Desktop

But what if you didn't send this in field and you now need to send that Work Order or Estimate receipt to a customer.  There is a simple way to do this right from the ServiceBridge desktop.

In your account simply go directly to the Work Order or Estimate you wish to send and you can click on 'Send Receipt' at the very top of the General section to send one right away.

You can modify the email address here too and send it wherever the customer has requested.  You also have the option of sending it to other contacts within that Customer as well as attaching additional documents if necessary.

Click 'Send' and the receipt will be sent.

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