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How to use the VP3300 card reader
How to use the VP3300 card reader

Read me if you have issues using the CardConnect VP3300 bluetooth card reader and swiper

Written by Jennifer Wieth
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  • Contactless (NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay) payments are not available yet. 

  • You should not pair your mobile device with the VP3300 using the device's Bluetooth menu; instead, pair the VP3300 from within the ServiceBridge app

  • If you are using the device for the first time, ensure that the battery is fully-charged. The initial charge takes approximately four to six hours. When the device is connected to a power source and the red LED of the device is flashing, the device is charging. When the LED stops flashing, the device is fully-charged.


The ID TECH VP3300 is a mobile payment reader device that allows you to accept magnetic stripe (MSR), chip (EMV), and contactless (NFC) payments from your mobile application. It connects with your device via bluetooth. Learn more here


In the ServiceBridge mobile app, when a user taps "Use Card Reader" he/she will be instructed on how to use the reader.  

  1. Make sure to hold the device with the 3 LED lights facing you. 

  2. Press the power button on the side of the reader then select it from the list of available devices. It may take up to 60 seconds for the reader to connect to the mobile device. It usually should take less than 10 seconds. While you wait, we recommend inserting chip cards.

  3. Insert a chip card with the chip reader facing up or swipe the card with the magnetic strip facing down.  If you have issues, make sure you are inserting or swiping correctly. The chip must be inserted all the way.  The swipe can happen in either direction with the mag strip facing down. 


If you are unable to pair the VP3300 with your device, ensure that your device does not have any active Bluetooth connections, and that no devices (for example, headphones) are connected to the auxiliary jack.

Additionally, ensure that you are attempting to pair the VP3300 using the payment application installed on your device, not the device's Bluetooth menu.


The VP3300 includes three LED indicators on one side and four LED indicators on the other side

Side with three LEDs:

  • The bottom LED indicator closest to the corner of the device indicates the battery status. If the LED is solid red, the battery is charging. If the LED flashes amber, the battery level is low. Charge the battery or connect the VP3300 to a power source. If the LED stops flashing when connected to a power source, the battery is fully-charged.

  • The middle LED indicates that the device is currently processing a payment.

  • The top LED indicator furthest from the corner indicates the Bluetooth status. If the LED is off, Bluetooth is in sleep mode. If the LED flashes at normal duration speed, Bluetooth is on stand-by. If the LED flashes at short duration speed, Bluetooth is paired and connected.

Side with four LEDs:

  • The side with 4 LEDs has lights for the different card brands.  These LED indicators can be ignored. 


If you have multiple VP3300 devices in use, you might need to determine which VP3300 you are attempting to pair with your device. When attempting to pair with the VP3300 it broadcasts as "IDTECH-VP3300-#####" where ##### is the last five digits of the serial number located on a label on the bottom of the device.


To extend battery life, the VP3300 device enters standby mode after 20 seconds of inactivity. To wake the VP3300, press the power button on the side of the device. You should not need to pair the VP3300 with your mobile device; it should reconnect automatically in approximately 15 to 30 seconds.

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