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How to attach a discount to an invoice
How to attach a discount to an invoice
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Let's say for example you are running a promotion and wish to apply a discount to a customer's invoice.  Here is one way you can create that functionality within ServiceBridge.

First you will want to create a new Product and Service called 'Discount'.  

Using the Universal Add (+) button select Product & Service and create a new Product called 'Discount'.  Leave all the pricing at 0 for now.

Applying a Discount to a Customer Invoice
Next you will want to go to the customer invoice and select 'Edit' so we can apply the discount before sending this to the customer.

Scroll down to the Invoice Items section.  Now we are going to want to add in a line item for the 'Discount' product we just created.  Click on the pencil button underneath the last product and service in the list to add a new line.

  1. From the dropdown select the 'Discount' product

  2. Enter in a description (this is optional)

  3. Enter the amount as a negative number.  In this example we are trying to apply a 10% discount to the invoiced service of $500.  So for this example you would enter -$50.

  4. Click on the check mark to save and update the invoice and apply the discount.

Notice that a $50 discount has now been applied to the invoice giving us a new invoice total of $450.

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