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Oct 30, 2019 - Product Update
Oct 30, 2019 - Product Update

Changes to QBMS, Online & Mobile Payments, Assets & More

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

QuickBooks Merchant Services is no longer supported

As of November 12, due to a change by Intuit, it won't be possible to take payments using QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) inside ServiceBridge.  If you use QBMS, we've been in touch with you already on this topic.  Contact the ServiceBridge support team if you have additional questions.  

ServiceBridge Payments coming soon!

ServiceBridge Payments, powered by CardConnect, is coming very soon! We'll be reaching out to you directly as well as showcasing this functionality within the app. 

There are many benefits of using CardConnect such as the ability for your customers to make payments online, exclusive rates for ServiceBridge customers and new wireless mobile card readers that accept chip and pin cards and touchless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

On Invoice Detail Pages you will notice unique links to "Pay Now" pages that you can use when you communicate with your customers.  Each invoice will have its own unique page. There is no need to login to view the invoice. These share links will be available to everyone and on all invoices. 

Email Templates will be updated with links to the pay now pages as well.  Contact the ServiceBridge support team if you'd like these new email templates. 

Customers will be able to pay their balances online if you have CardConnect setup. If you don't have CardConnect, then your customers will still be able to see their invoice balance, download a PDF of their invoice, and be instructed to contact you to pay their balance.  When a payment is made on this page, it is automatically applied to the invoice.

Mobile Payments has a new design

You'll notice many changes to collecting payments in the mobile apps.  Both iOS and Android have been updated to function the same way.  Users will be able to:

  1. Collect Non-Card Payments

  2. Collect Card Payments

  3. Add/Edit/Delete Saved Cards

  4. Quickly Scan Cards

  5. Quickly Use Saved Cards

  6. Connect/Disconnect to Card Swipers

  7. See Payment History

  8. Send Payment Receipts

As part of this effort, we are removing the setting "Allow to see payment history" because if a user can take/collect payments, then they can see payment history for that customer. If there are concerns with this change, please reach out to ServiceBridge support.

Marketing Settings

We're moving settings related to Marketing from the Customer Settings page into its own page since the campaigns go above and beyond just the customer level.  You'll also notice it's easier to manage campaigns with the same name.

Asset label changes, new columns and tooltips

The Asset Service Frequency feature will be renamed to better reflect industry definitions for repetitive work.  Frequency is therefore being renamed to Interval. 

Additionally, you'll notice we'll be changing some field labels to better communicate how Asset Services are calculated:  "Target Date" will be "Target Due Date" and  "Due" will be "Days until Overdue".  We'll also be adding tooltips and new columns to help you understand how these dates are calculated and help you quickly get to the jobs that were just completed "Last Service", are coming next "Next Service" and are the last scheduled job "Final Service".  

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