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June 6, 2019 - Release Notes
June 6, 2019 - Release Notes

iOS v4.13.4 to .5; Android v4.13.9 to .11; Web v1.19.22 to .40

Written by Jennifer Wieth
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The software updates to ServiceBridge in May and early June were focused on improving a number of features like the new QR Codes functionality, getting a major initiative related to Leads & Marketing ROI closer to done, and releasing some of the building blocks for future improvements to Payments and Invoicing.  

For more insights on what's next, please visit our roadmap: 


iOS 4.13.5

  • SB-10804 Fixed issue when creating new customer from the job creation flow

  • SB-10782 Job Notes Templates are sorted alphabetically so that it matches Web & Android

  • SB-10762  Updated the warning message if user added a device to a personnel that didn't have an active subscription

  • SB-10474  Updated the business rules regarding making marketing campaign read-only 

iOS 4.13.4

  • SB-10750 Fixed missing custom form data upon reentering already filled form

  • SB-10714, SB-10709 Fixed issues related to sales rep

Android 4.13.11

  • SB-10926 Fixed issue deleting pictures from an estimate

  • SB-10869 Fixed GeoTracking crash when start is triggered out of tracking time

Android 4.13.10

  • SB-10795 Job Notes Templates are sorted alphabetically so that it matches Web & Android

  • SB-10644 Improved switching devices between companies

Android 4.13.9

  • SB-10459 Fixed double-tap action opening two screens

  • SB-10692 Fixed Supervisor's filter for "Days to see past jobs" setting

  • SB-10488 Updated the business rules regarding making marketing campaign read-only 

  • SB-10763 Updated the warning message if user added a device to a personnel without an active subscription

  • SB-10625 Updated the address autosuggestion library


Web 1.19.40

  • SB-10748   Implemented Payment Methods support in the Public API

  • SB-10738  Implemented full 2-way sync of Payment Methods between ServiceBridge and QuickbooksOnline

Web 1.19.39

  • SB-8479   Updated RetrieveAllJobs function to sync Jobs by change time so that Mobile sync is faster

Web 1.19.38

  • SB-10921   Fixed issues with Timesheet personnel and reports sections not opening and closing

  • SB-10876   Removed tie logo from "save to home screen"

Web 1.19.36

  • SB-10684 Updated the Leads Matching logic for Projects and Recurring Work Order templates.  The Marketing Campaign will be pulled from the unique lead and it will match on all Project Visits and scheduled Recurring Work Orders. 

  • SB-10511 Created reusable components for single-select and multi-select dropdowns specifically for branches and companies

  • SB-10411 Updated the Create/Edit Marketing Campaigns to handle multiple branches

  • SB-10405 Updated Customer and Job detail pages to include links to the Lead detail page if the record was linked to a Lead

  • SB-10362 Changed the "Edit Matches" to a "Find Matches" modal for linking Leads to records and to creating a new Customer

  • SB-10352 Implemented a Lead Detail Page 

  • SB-10306 Updated Actions > Leads grid to use the new grid design and new filtering.  We've added the ability to bulk confirm and dismiss Leads as well so users can cleanup their Leads data more efficiently. 

Web 1.19.31

  • SBK-5481 Notes Templates are now sorted the same on Web, iOS and Android

Web 1.19.28 

  • SB-10643 Date labels have been added to all Reports

Web 1.19.27 

  • SB-10671 Leads matching: set unique lead's campaign on matched record

Web 1.19.23

  • SB-10630 Changed business rules regarding marketing campaign selection so that jobs could be created or edited with inactive campaigns

  • SB-10612 Device Settings: merge days to see past and finished jobs since the settings were sometimes in conflict with one another and to simplify the setting.

  • SB-10304 Leads matching logic: increase date range and auto-matched work order if it was created from a won estimate 

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