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May 2, 2019 - Release Notes
May 2, 2019 - Release Notes

iOS v4.13.3; Android v4.13.6 to .8; Web v1.19.14 to .21

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

Major improvements were released for connecting devices to accounts, table improvements, session timeouts and company/branch management.  For more insights in what's next, please visit our roadmap:


iOS v4.13.3

  • Users can now add a device using a QR Code scanner. (this means users no longer need to remember device id or add a device nickname, this will be done automatically for them.)

  • Users can now quickly disconnect a device from an account. (this will remove the device from that account so users can easily add the device to another account)

  • When users add photos to a job from a photo library, then the timestamp of the photo will be used instead of the time the photo was selected.

  • Improved some support functions related to sending and purging the database on the device

  • Improved background sync by updating to the latest push notifications for iOS 10 and newer

  • Resolved an issue related to permissions of changing the product and service quantity via the add & subtract buttons

Android v4.13.8

  • Users can now add a device using a QR Code scanner

Android v4.13.7

  • When users add photos to a job from a photo library, then the timestamp of the photo will be used instead of the time the photo was selected.

Android v4.13.6

  • Resolved issue related to the work order arrive time 

  • Resolved issue with app crashing when a user rapidly presses back button


Web v1.19.21

  • Resolved issue related to payment terms on National Accounts

  • Resolved issue related to QuickBooks Online sync status

  • Updated QuickBooks Online logos

  • Removed a character limit on emails for new trial customers

Web v1.19.20

  • Resolved issue related to specifying commissions

  • Resolved issue related to approving and rejecting royalty reports

  • Show/Hide/Reorder columns is now available in Estimates table

Web v1.19.17 to .19

Add Devices via QR Codes

  • Users can now add devices quickly using QR Codes.  There are now 3 ways to connect a device!  1) Scan the QR Code 2) Use the link below the QR code 3) Manually enter your device ID

  • As part of connecting devices via QR Codes, we introduced toast notifications, a new way to notify users when something has been completed successfully in the background

  • Also as part of QR codes, users can now select to use or not use device pins. (By default pins will not be required if the device was added via QR code. This means if you'd like an extra layer of security, then go into device settings and enable use pin.)

  • When a mobile user quickly disconnects from an account on their mobile device, the mobile device will be removed from that account (so that the user can add that device quickly to another account)

Company & Branch Management

  • We reduced a number of inconsistencies with how branches and branch profiles are managed to be more consistent with company profiles.

  • For franchise networks and multi-unit companies, we introduced the company & branch terminated date field

Session Timeout

  • For added security and QuickBooks Online compliance, we have reduced the session timeout duration. If users are inactive for over 24 hours, then a user will be logged out.  A user will be notified 15 minutes prior to logout and will have the option to stay logged in. 

Web v1.19.14 to .16

Show/Hide/Reorder columns is now available on these tables:

  • Customers

  • Partners

  • Prospects

  • Refunds

  • Payments

  • Companies

  • Timesheets

  • Recurring Invoices

Customers table has the following new columns available for users to show:

  • Locations

  • Assets

  • Type

  • Customer Company

  • Serviced by Company

  • Branch 

  • Cell Phone (Primary contact’s cell phone)

  • Is Retailer

  • Is Bill Payer

  • Open Tasks

  • Open Estimates

  • “Open Jobs” has been renamed to “Open WO/PVs”

Customizing reports is now less cumbersome on smaller resolution screens 

  • Added expand/collapse of column selection side menu

  • Changed expand/collapse of column descriptions

Resolved issues:

  • Resolved issue related to showing and hiding cookies in non-EU countries

  • Resolved issue related to exporting the "Parts Revenue" report

  • Resolved issue related to customer merge validation

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