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March 28, 2019 - Product Update
March 28, 2019 - Product Update

Updates for: Tables, P&S, Taxes, Mobile Login, Locations, Leads & Marketing, Etc

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

Table Improvements

We're still working on Table improvements to show, hide, reorder columns.  A few of these tables will get additional columns as well based on input from the feature request board, support tickets, and customer interviews. The changes will be rolling out soon. There are LOTS of tables!

  1. Customers

  2. Prospects

  3. Partners

  4. Tasks

  5. Estimates

  6. Work Orders

  7. Invoices

  8. Recurring Invoices

  9. Payments

  10. Refunds

  11. Products & Services

  12. Assets (Legacy & New)

  13. Timesheets

  14. Royalties

  15. Actions > Exemptions

  16. Actions > National Accounts

  17. Actions > Leads

  18. Categories > Marketing

  19. Categories > Products & Services

  20. Companies

Products & Services, Taxes, Tax Zones

Lots of changes coming to Products & Services based on feedback and usability testing. Just like Tables, there many places that are getting updated:

  1. Creating a Job (Estimate, Work Order, Project Visit)

  2. Editing a Job

  3. Editing a Job's Products & Services

  4. Viewing a Job

  5. Viewing an Asset

  6. Editing an Asset

  7. Mobile

  8. Public API

The changes extend beyond simply adding and removing items. Some of the functionality impacted is listed below:

  1. Viewing and overriding Service duration

  2. Calculating taxes, durations and totals for Bundles

  3. Allowing users to set Taxable value on/off

  4. Setting taxable value based on Tax Zone

Mobile Login Screen & Dashboard

We've heard a number of users aren't always sure which device is connected to which account. We've implemented a quick fix to provide some clarity. You'll now see your company's logo, the company name, the personnel name, and the team in the login screen and in the dashboard. 

Mobile QR Codes

The ability to quickly add/remove/switch devices shouldn't be time consuming. We're adding the ability to add devices using QR codes and an easy button to completely disconnect a device to be able to reconnect to another account. 

Mobile Locations in Lists

Users will be able to see location information in each row. This way you won't need to click into the job to view the location. This is especially helpful for those that have customers with many locations.

Leads & Marketing

There are a number of items in flight related to Marketing Campaigns, Leads and Reporting.  These items have been in-beta for a long time and we're making a push to get it over the finish line. This mostly impacts users that are using the Leads functionality and call tracking integration however anyone that is using the Marketing Campaign fields will benefit from improved Reporting.

  1. Marketing Campaign spend and Marketing Campaign reporting will now be independent. No more having to select the correct reporting period based on how you entered marketing dollars. The campaigns will show you the "Daily Spend" amount based on the date range and dollar amount you've entered. 

  2. Leads matching logic has been extended to match leads to work orders from won estimates. This will improve conversion numbers in Marketing ROI reports. 

  3. Leads table and matching is getting a major update. Leads are now getting their own detail pages. It will now be possible to see information related to which leads are related, which lead in the group is the "Unique Lead", as well as which records (customers, estimates, jobs) are linked to that lead. 

  4. For Leads that inbounded via a Phone Call, it will be possible to listen to the call recording. 

  5. If Leads are matched to a record, then the Marketing Campaign field will not be editable. 

Companies, Branches, Departments, QuickBooks Online Locations, Territories....

We are reducing some of the complexity and inconsistencies in how multi-location businesses are setup in ServiceBridge.  Here is what is changing:

  1. Terminated Dates will now be a date field on Companies and Branches.  That date field will be used in some reports. This is one of the first of many steps to offering franchisors and multi-unit businesses the ability to terminate (aka inactivate) locations. For now we simply need this date for reporting purposes. 

  2. "Abbreviated Branch Name" is being added to Branches. This field will replace the use of QuickBooks Online Locations, QuickBooks Online Territories, and Departments in ServiceBridge. 

  3. We will be forcing a 1-to-1 mapping between QuickBooks Online Location and Branch.  Everyone that uses QuickBooks Online Locations already does this but we're going to require it as a risk mitigation plan to prevent bugs.

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