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April 15, 2019 - Release Notes
April 15, 2019 - Release Notes

iOS v4.12.12 to v4.13.2; Android v4.12.14 to v4.13.5; Web v1.18.85 to v1.19.13

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

Below is a summary of many of the items released to the mobile and web apps over the last month and a half.  This list excludes many technical nuances that we're working on as part of the QuickBooks Online integration improvements. For insights in what's next, please visit our roadmap:


iOS v4.12.12

  • An issue with Photos and Past Work Orders was resolved. 

  • Beta release: SMS Notifications 

Android v4.12.14

  • Beta release: SMS Notifications 

iOS & Android v4.13.0

  • The Customer Detail Screens had a usability update. It should be more clear what each field is and how all the information about a customer is organized.  This is also a sneak preview into how the Job Detail Screens will be updated. 

  • The list of jobs was updated so users can quickly navigate to jobs that are due Today or Anytime

  • The Work Order list sorting for anytime jobs was updated to match Android and the Web app. This impacted accounts that are using "Geo-Tracking" and the optimize route functionality. On the roadmap we have improvements to calendar and routing at which point this functionality will get a lot more attention in the future.

iOS & Android v4.13.1

  • Mobile Dashboards and Login Screens have been updated. See for screenshots and more details. 

  • The Login with Pin screen has been updated with a link to the About screen so that it matches Android.

  • The About screen now has the ServiceBridge Account number so that it's easier to troubleshoot and manage multiple accounts. 

  • Location addresses are now auto-suggested (this is in Android v4.13.2)

iOS v4.13.2

  • Issues related to Custom Forms were resolved

  • Issue related to Photos not displaying in full screen was resolved

  • Supervisor mode suspending reason issue was resolved

Android v4.13.2

  • Timezone issue was resolved

  • Back button issue was resolved

  • Deactivated user issue was resolved

  • Issues related to Jobs Lists were resolved

  • Issues related to Custom Forms were resolved

Android v4.13.3

  • The photos limit was increased to 500 from 100.

Android v4.13.5

  • Issues related to adding photos from library were resolved


Web v1.18.84 to 89

  • A tooltip near the field "Summary" was updated

  • Issue related to Customer Status was resolved

  • Issue related to Royalties was resolved

  • Issue related to National Account Terms was resolved

  • Labels on Pricing Groups was improved

  • Keyboard shortcuts were improved for creating and editing Invoices as well as creating and editing Products & Services

  • Public API was updated for Leads. It now supports a full address and a notes field.

Web v1.18.90 to 100

  • Updated helpcenter icons. 

  • Improved validation tooltips on Products & Services

  • Updated placeholder text in Universal Search

  • Some issues related to Customer Balance and Invoices Total were resolved

  • Added columns in users list to help Franchisors identify users in a company

  • Updated default values for Marketing Categories

  • Updated default behavior for Tracking to have all teams selected & remember team selection

  • Issues related to Universal Search were resolved

  • Issue related to Location Address on Asset screen was resolved

Web v1.19.1 to v1.19.13

  • Leads matching logic was updated from 5 to 30 days, if estimate is won then the related work order is also matched, and leads are automatically confirmed regardless if campaign is active or inactive.

  • Marketing campaigns now have a daily spend so that campaign costs are independent of how Marketing reports are configured.

  • Customer Portal jobs are now sorted newest to oldest

  • GDPR message was updated

  • Signup process has a country code dropdown now

  • Issues related to bundle quantities were resolved

  • Customer Open Balance calculation was refactored and updated to handle when the customer on a transaction is changed

  • Issues related to Annual QuickBooks Online Audit were resolved

  • An issue with the multi-company/branch selector in the Marketing ROI report was resolved.

  • A significant number of automated tests were completed and released

  • Show/Hide/Reorder/Remember columns functionality is now available in Work Order and Invoices tables.

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