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February 25, 2019 - Release Notes
February 25, 2019 - Release Notes

iOS v4.12.11; Android v4.12.14; Web v1.18.76 to .84

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

At the moment a majority of the team is focused on changes to Quickbooks Online sync integrity and performance. That said, we have many teams working on other things as well since we can't have too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to accounting data. Here are the most notable changes that have been released since the last update.

Improvements made

Web v1.18.84

  • Users can now add Products & Services while creating jobs. 

Web v1.18.83

  • Rendering performance was improved. Everyone should be experiencing faster page load times now.  

Web v1.18.82

  • "Short Description" is now "Summary" so that it is consistent throughout the system and all the apps: web and mobile/tablet. 

  • It is now possible to filter by Work Order number in the Actions > National Accounts grid. 

  • For users that are using the app for the first time, certain fields are hidden if it's not possible to select a value yet.

  • The first of many Table Show/Hide/Reorder/Remember column improvements was released. 

  • A page title was improved for when a user creates a Work Order from a Task.

Web v1.18.81

  • Dropdown styles were improved

  • SMS backend was updated to randomize the number that is sending texts

  • If an estimate is reopened, then the user will be warned that the old Work Order will be deleted.

  • The list of payments on Invoices has been reduced to only the applied and available to be applied. 

  • Reports were improved to support international characters

  • If QuickBooks Online is down, users now get a friendly message. 

  • The audit log for National Account customers is improved to show when a Franchisor made the update.

Web v1.18.76

  • When using the web app on a mobile device, users can now close the popup recommendation to use Tablets or Desktop instead. 

  • For jobs that have additional employees, the cards in the calendar no longer display ",not available" and the link to the personnel's detail page was removed. 

Android v4.12.14

  • Beta release of SMS Notifications to customers

Bugs squashed

Web v1.18.83

  • Another resolution for QuickBooks Online duplicate payments was released

Web v1.18.82

  • An issue with Asset Location not defaulting to actual Location was resolved

Web v1.18.81

  • An issue with paging through Assets list was resolved.

Web v1.18.79

  • An issue with Google Sign-in was resolved

  • An issue with a Tooltip was resolved

  • An issue with editing Public Reports was resolved

Web v1.18.78

  • A few issues related to Royalties were resolved

  • An issue with the Location dropdown on Assets creation was resolved

  • An issue with editing Marketing Master Categories was resolved.

Web v1.18.77

  • An issue with Pricing Groups was resolved

  • An issue with Locations changing on Work Orders was resolved

Web v1.18.76

  • An issue with QuickBooks Online duplicate payments was resolved

iOS v4.12.11

  • An issue with Photos and Past Work Orders was resolved. 

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