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February 14, 2019 - Product Update
February 14, 2019 - Product Update

Coming soon: "Short Description" renamed & Show/Hide columns.

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

Happy Valentine's Day! We're excited to announce some improvements and changes that are coming real soon.  Please let your teams know!

"Short Description" is now "Summary"

You may have noticed that the field named "Short Description" & "Description" in the web app is named "Summary" in the mobile app.  Well now, it will be called Summary everywhere, including all modals, tables and detail pages.  Also, this field has a maximum amount of characters it can accept.  We will be adding a character limit counter so that you know how many characters you have remaining. 

Show/Hide Columns in Tables

We're improving tables big time. Soon you'll be able to show/hide different columns in the tables.  You will also be able to resize each column. You'll be able to reorder them too. Best of all, the app will remember your preferences so that next time you login from the same browser, the same column settings will appear.  

The improvements to tables will be rolled out one by one to each table. First, we'll roll it out to customers, then invoices, and assets, then estimates and work orders, and so on.  Shortly thereafter, we will be adding additional columns that a number of people have requested in our public feature request board.  

We'll announce when these features and improvements are available in the app What's New section.  For insights into other things we are working on.  Take a look at the roadmap here: 

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