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January 31, 2019 - Release Notes
January 31, 2019 - Release Notes

iOS v4.12.10; Android v4.12.11 to v4.12.13 ; Web: v1.18.55 to v1.18.75

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

And just like that the first month of the New Year is in the books! We've been moving fast and working tirelessly through the holidays and into 2019. We're excited to share this update about all the things we've released. If January is any signal of what's to come, this year will be one for the record books.  Without further ado, here are the most notable changes that have been released since the last week of 2018.  

Improvements made:

  • Web. v1.18.55 Live Chat is now available on the login page. If you have issues logging in, then send us a chat!

  • Web. v1.18.55 The text labels for QuickBooks Online syncing were updated to clarify what is being synced. For instance, "Inventory" is now "Products & Services" and "Deposits" is now "Bank Deposits", just to name a few. 

  • Web. v1.18.55 QuickBooks Online error messages were updated to better communicate when there are QuickBooks Online connectivity issues and what users should do about it.

  • Web. v1.18.55 In the Universal Search feature, labels were added to make it more clear how each quick result item is grouped. Also, placeholder text was added to let users know that they can press enter to get a much larger search results page.

  • Web. v1.18.55 Performance was improved when a user changed teams.  All future jobs now update much faster. Improvements like these help ServiceBridge have a 100% uptime since June of 2018!

  • Web. v1.18.57 It's easier now to set permissions in bulk. 

  • Web. v1.18.57 For companies that use branches or QuickBooks Online locations, the branch field has been added to the customer location detail screen.

  • Web. v1.18.57 For companies that use the National Accounts feature, the N.A. Headquarter Customer is no longer updated automatically when another N.A. Customer Location is assigned to franchisee. 

  • Web. v1.18.59 We removed/fixed the "Wait Syncing" on certain buttons when QuickBooks Online isn't connected.

  • Web. v1.18.59 We updated the QuickBooks Online sync status messages to give specific details on which invoices did and didn't sync, why they didn't sync, and what should be done about it. 

  • Web. v1.18.59 We removed clutter related to customer and location taxes for international companies that use the global taxes logic. 

  • Web. v1.18.59 We added breadcrumbs!  That little arrow near the top of the screen that shows you where you are in the app and helps you go back to the full list of items. It is a simple feature but we hope everyone is finding it useful to make it faster to navigate the app. 

  • Web. v1.18.60 We updated the QuickBooks Online sync status to let users know if an invoice has an invalid email

  • Web. v1.18.61 We disabled the ability to save an invoice while the data was still loading. This helps prevent data inconsistently issues. 

  • Web. v1.18.62 Reports got a usability upgrade.  For first time users, it should be far more intuitive to understand how reporting works. The reports are super powerful, there are many more improvements to come on this topic. For now though, we simply wanted to help users not get confused when they first opened the reports page. 

  • Web. v1.18.62 We added more breadcrumbs. This time to all detail pages and their respective lists. 

  • Web. v1.18.62 We improved syncing with QuickBooks Online for active and inactive status. 

  • Web. v1.18.62 We removed taxes information on the asset detail page to avoid confusion. Taxes configuration is something that is done on customer, location,  products and services, and of course invoices. 

  • Web. v1.18.64 Do you open many tabs at the same time when you work? Well now each tab has a unique identifier so that you can tell them apart when you have many tabs open at the same time. 

  • Web. v1.18.64 More QuickBooks Online sync messaging improvements and calls to action to help users resolve any issues. 

  • Web. v1.18.65 For companies that use royalty reporting, the ACH report for Canada has been updated. 

  • Web. v1.18.65 An Invoice Report was updated with additional data sets to be able to report on even more information.

  • Web. v1.18.66 Editing Roles & Permissions isn't always clear or easy to find. We change some link placements to make it easier to get to the location where roles and permissions are edited.

  • Web. v1.18.67 Do you use Assets?  Many companies don't however everyone still views fields and columns related to Assets.  Well no more.  If you don't use Assets, please let us know so we can turn the feature off and help remove clutter from your workflow. 

  • Web. v1.18.67 We've learned that many new users try to use the ServiceBridge web app on their phones.  The web app is designed to work best on desktops. We've added a mini pop-up to help phone users know that. 

  • Web. v1.18.67 We've updated the forced change password screen so that it's more clear about why a password reset is required. 

  • Web. v1.18.67 Email sending. We've made changes to how emails get sent. We apologize for any disruption this may have caused anyone.  It was very important that we got these changes released as quickly as possible so that emails don't go to spam folders.  From now on, all emails get sent from a ServiceBridge domain and the recipient should see that it is from your company. It will look like this "Your Company Name <>". When a user clicks reply, they will reply to your company's office email address (i.e. instead of ServiceBridge.  

  • Web. v1.18.67 Create New buttons. In every list screen, you will now see create new buttons to make it easier and more intuitive to create new things. 

  • Web. v1.18.68 SMS Beta. We released the first of many items related to sending SMS On my way notifications.  Users will be able to send texts from the mobile apps and when they do, the activity notes and audit history get updated with the message that was sent, the contents of the message, the recipient of the message, and if it was successfully delivered. We also implemented the framework to allow companies to customize what the message they want their company's field techs to send.  

  • Web. v1.18.69 The free-trial signup screens were improved. If there is an error in one of the fields, the user will be scrolled to the field and highlighted as a validation error. The default way to get the mobile app was changed to SMS from Email. The timezone has selection has a search feature now. And the final screen has clearer instructions that users should check their email for next steps. 

  • Web. v1.18.69 The user interface library was updated to the latest version. This was a major upgrade that lays the foundation for future improvements to performance and usability. 

  • Web. v1.18.71 More email sending changes.  We improved emails being sent from ServiceBridge to include your Company's Name as the sender name so that your customers see your name instead of ServiceBridge in their inboxes. 

  • Web. v1.18.73 In the calendar, it is now possible to add a person's availability instead of going into the personnel's record. 

  • Web. v1.18.74 Intake process was improved.  It's now much easier and faster to create jobs, customers, locations and contacts. Also much more information is shown about each customer, location, and contact in the create job screens. 

  • iOS v4.12.10 Daily route was improved to better handle locations that are very close to one another.  Also, the route logic is now the same in Web, iOS and Android.

  • Android v4.12.11 In the estimates, work orders and history lists, buttons to quickly go to today and due anytime jobs were added.  Also minor design changes were implemented to quickly identify past, today and future jobs. 

Bugs squashed:

  • Web. v1.18.55 For international companies and companies that didn't have their company profile completely filled out, the tracking map no longer shows you in the middle of the ocean =)

  • Web. v1.18.58 We fixed issues with certain columns in the Work Orders and Estimates grids

  • Web. v1.18.60 We fixed some interesting behavior when users were starting to create a new job, filling out some fields, then going back to change some of their previous fields. This fix helps minimize and avoid data entry errors. 

  • Web. v1.18.60 We have a setting to automatically copy photos from estimates to work orders. This setting was accidentally removed. It was added back. 

  • Web. v1.18.62 In the calendar, it is possible to configure each card to display either customer or location information. There was a bug with the location name opening the customer record.  This is now fixed to open the location record. 

  • Web. v1.18.68 In the calendar, when multiple tabs were open, each tab was updating to the settings in the other tab. This was actually by design so that the calendar search criteria were remembered instead of refreshed every time.  We reassessed the original solution and came up with a new solution so that already open tabs don't update when another tab gets updated. 

  • Web. v1.18.69 In the calendar, the search by job number wasn't always finding the job on the calendar. This is now fixed.

  • Web. v1.18.70 A fix was released related to duplicated payments in QuickBooks Online and ServiceBridge.

  • Web. v1.18.72 Some columns were being hidden when viewing on tablets. We improved column headers and added minimum widths to all columns so that all columns are always visible.

  • Web. v1.18.73 A parent's asset name was missing in one of the screens. It's now showing. 

  • Web. v1.18.73 A/R Aging report wasn't accurate because overpayment refunds weren't being recalculated when a user deleted a payment. It's now being recalculated and the reports should be accurate. A warning message was also added to help users understand all the changes that will happen after they delete a payment. 

  • iOS v4.12.10 Knowledge base items were being shown even though they were marked as hidden. This has been fixed.

  • Android v4.12.11, .12,& .13 There are multiple instances where a user was syncing their device with the server and the sync could not finish which required a user to kill the app and re-open it.  All instances were resolved. 

For insights in what's next, please visit our roadmap: 

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