December 20, 2018

Lots of improvements & bugs squashed! Mobile: iOS v4.12.8 Web: v1.18.47 to v1.18.54

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

This batch of releases is all about incremental improvements and bug fixes.  We have many big changes in the works as well but those aren't ready to release yet. For insights and providing input, please visit our public roadmap: 

Improvements made:

  • Web. v1.18.54 Company Settings items have been reorganized and grouped into a more logical sequence. 

  • Web. v1.18.54 Customer Accounts Receivable Aging Report was improved to match the logic in QuickBooks Online (changes included updated columns, logic, and also updates to Statistics page) 

  • Web. v1.18.53 Improved reorder, expand and collapse in the Reports screen so that it is consistent with other parts of the web app. 

  • Web. v1.18.52 Improved hyperlink on Calendar Card to go directly to Location Details Page instead of Customer Detail Page so that users don't have to dig through the customer page to re-find the location they are servicing. 

  • Web. v1.18.52 Improved PublicAPI to handle edge case when team is saved with extra spaces

  • Web. v1.18.52 Improved error message for old links when item was deleted on National Accounts

  • Web. v1.18.51 Improved which error messages were displayed after successful QuickBooks Online sync

  • Web. v1.18.48 Added automated software testing for javascript

  • Web. v1.18.47 Added company custom fields to Royalty Reports

  • Web. v1.18.47 Images in Live Chat can be made full-size

  • Web. v1.18.47 Next renewal dates is shown next to renewal amount. In the Subscription Management section you'll notice the date below the renewal total: 

Bugs squashed:

  • Web. v1.18.54 Resolved tax issue on already invoiced work orders. If a location's tax changes, then the tax amount on invoiced work orders won't be recalculated. 

  • Web. v1.18.53 Resolved issue with team section disappearing in Calendar when using Microsoft Edge browser. 

  • Web. v1.18.52 Resolved issue related to multiple time zones and assigning team members in the Calendar. 

  • Web. v1.18.52 Resolved flicker issue on branches dropdown

  • Web. v1.18.51 Resolved issue with QuickBooks Online related errors when merging customers

  • Web. v1.18.49 Resolved issue with differences between Work Order and Printed Work Order

  • Web. v1.18.49 Resolved issue with permissions being reset when an inactive user was activated

  • Web. v1.18.47 Resolved issue with the work order table being cut off

  • Web. v1.18.47 Resolved text wrap issue with customer notes 

  • Mobile. iOS v4.12.8. Resolve issue with photos in estimates getting duplicated.

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