New features:

  • Web. v1.18.46. Export Invoices from Grid. When users go to Invoices screen, they can now select multiple invoices and export them to a csv file.

Improvements made:

  • Web. v1.18.43 & 46. New Trial Signup Process. Overhauled the steps necessary to create a new company so that users are setup for success and so that a valid email is used for each new account. 
  • Web. v1.18.42. Unique URLs for Modals.  URLs for all modals and modals-on-modals are unique so that tooltips can be added and users can directly link to certain scenarios.

Bugs squashed:

  • Web. v1.18.46. Resolved issue where marketing campaigns was not being sent to mobile app.
  • Web. v1.18.46. Resolved issue related to changing teams in the calendar.
  • Web. v1.18.44 & 45. Released multiple fixes for payments that got unapplied after they were applied. 
  • Web. v1.18.43. Fixed issue with invoice due dates being set incorrectly with terms of net 10 & net 15.
  • Web. v1.18.43. Fixed issue in Calendar related to daylight savings. 
  • Web. v1.18.42. Fixed issue in Calendar when selecting different branches. When a specific branch gets selected, only teams from that branch will be shown. 
  • Web. v1.18.42. Fixed issue when a user invoices many work orders at once using bulk actions and then QBO sync'ing the invoices.
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