November 26, 2018

Lots of updates! iOS v4.12.7, Android v4.12.9-10, Web v1.18.31-41

Written by Jennifer Wieth
Updated over a week ago

New features:

  • iOS v4.12.7. Prepopulated Customer Search.  Customer list is prepopulated by default!  No more having to search in order to see your customers! This was already available in Android.

  • iOS v4.12.7. Pull to Refresh Customer Search.  Pull to refresh on customer list so that you don't have to go back to the dashboard to refresh customer information. This was already available in Android.

  • Web v1.18.35 SMS messaging service.  Users wont be able to use this just yet but they will soon. We have implemented a microservice to be able to enable SMS messaging in the web and mobile apps. The first use case for this is sending an SMS to download the SB mobile app. The second use case is to enable SMS notifications to customers.

Improvements made:

  • Android v4.12.10 & iOS v4.12.7. Updated Welcome Screen!  For fresh-installs prior to a device being added to an account, the welcome screen now has better instructions on how to connect the device to a real account. The android version no longer has the ability to enter a demo account. 

  • Android v4.12.10 & iOS v4.12.7. Updated About Screen! The about screen has been updated so that it's easier to connect the device to a real account if you were previously in a demo account. 

  • Web v1.18.34.  Added the Late Fee columns and improved validations for a Franchisor Royalty Report

  • Web. v1.18.38. Audit History has better verbiage for when a personnel's subscription gets deactivated. 

  • Web. v1.18.38. Audit History tracks has been improved to track when a product or service has been removed from a bundle.

  • Web. v1.18.38. Live chat will stay open even after the help center is closed. 

  • Web. v1.18.38. QuickBooks Online Products sync is now faster.

  • Web. v1.18.39. Improved user interface to communicate when there will be issues syncing notes between ServiceBridge and QuickBooks Online.  Customer notes has character limits of 2000. Invoice notes has character limits of 1000. If users don't abide by these limits and they sync with QuickBooks Online then the notes will be cut off.

  • Web. v1.18.40. Improvements related to handling sensitive data. 

  • Web. v1.18.40. Users can now add a device to a real account even if it's already connected to the demo account. 

  • Web. v1.18.41. Links to Webinars is now available in the Help Center.

Bug squashed:

  • Android v4.12.9 & iOS v4.12.7. Web v1.18.33. Resolved issues with disappearing timesheets. The root cause was related to overlapping times.  The issue was resolved by only using the date for timesheet creation. 

  • Android v4.12.10. When creating an anytime job, sometimes the date changed after a user already selected a date. 

  • Android v4.12.10. Fixed an issue related to viewing location attachments. Users can now always see the location attachments and no longer have to have the view customers setting enabled or have locations synced. 

  • Android v4.12.10. Fixed an issue where auto-sync disables itself on Android9 and later. Auto-sync will always occur every 15 min. 

  • iOS v4.12.7. When a contact phone number gets added in the mobile app it wasn't getting formatted properly. The formatting is now preserved and looks good on both mobile and web apps. 

  • iOS v4.12.7. Issue with photos not showing up on estimates. Root cause: they were getting deleted from the device after 30 days and not re-downloading when needed.

  • Web v1.18.31. Resolved issue when a franchisor creates customers for one of their franchisees that uses multiple branches. 

  • Web. v1.18.32. Resolved issue related to the count of QuickBooks Online sync errors 

  • Web. v1.18.32. Resolved issue related to the QuickBooks Online inventory sync.

  • Web. v1.18.35. Resolved issue related to Customer Merge

  • Web. v1.18.36. Resolved issue related to Sending Invoices

  • Web. v1.18.41. Fixed issue related to unapplying payments

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