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How to Enable Location Services on iOS and Android Devices
How to Enable Location Services on iOS and Android Devices
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ServiceBridge uses Location Services for Geo-Tracking on your mobile device so it is important to know how to enable it if it is turned off.
Follow these simple steps to ensure your Location Services is turned on.

You can also set how often the device will refresh in your background to update your current location. That can be done in your device settings.


  1. Go to Settings

2. Scroll down to Privacy

3. Click on Location Services

4. Make sure the Location Services is on green

5. Make sure that ServiceBridge has access to use Location Services as well.


  1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Location

3. Make sure the Location is turned On.

4. Click on Mode

Make sure you select GPS with Wifi for a higher accuracy to determine the location the best. 

Background Refresh

Background refresh needs to be enabled for the iOS so the ServiceBridge application can record and plot locations when running in the background.

  1. First go to Settings

2. General

3. Click on Background App Refresh

Make sure the Background App Refresh is turned on and so is the ServiceBridge app.

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