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Time Tracker is a function that we offer with our ServiceBridge cloud based system. It allows the technician to keep a time table of everything he has done for that specific day including jobs, travel, and tasks.

Using Time Tracker on the Mobile application

Once you log in to your ServiceBridge app you can scroll to the bottom to where you see Time Tracker.
From the Time Tracker you can either Clock In, view time cards, and view time card history.

Clock In

Once you click "Clock In" you are able to choose from 4 different options.

1. Job - Track a time for a Job.
2. Task - Tracks the time it takes to complete a task.
3. Travel - Tracks the travel time between two destinations.
4. Travel to Home/Office - Tracks the travel to home/office.
You can select any of the 4 and it will start a time tracker for you. 

Once you Select 1 of the 4 it will now begin tracking the time it takes for that option to be completed.
You can also click on it which will open up 2 more options to choose from:

Add Comment - Which allows you to write a note that will appear for this time block. 

Clock Out - Ends the time tracking and makes a time block for the amount of time elapsed. 

Time Cards

If you click on Time Cards they will open up that weeks time cards and you will be able to select from the employee and select the specific day. 

Period - Shows the period time of the time cards for that week.
Employee - Shows the employee that the time card is for.
Time Cards - Lets you see the time cards for the specific day.

Time Cards History

Time card history allows you to view past time cards that you have submitted and not just this weeks time cards. You can select the from and to period of time and view those time cards.

Period - Select the dates range to view the time cards from.
Employee - Select the employee that you want to view.
Time Cards - Select the specific time card day that you want to view.

Job In Progress

Once you arrive at a job the time tracker automatically begins tracking the time.

You are able to click on the In Progress tab from the time tracker and it will automatically take you to the jobs general view. 

If you click Finish or Suspend the time tracker will stop and will use the elapsed time of the job. You are not able to time track anything else while your job is in progress. In order to add another time tracker you must either Finish or Suspend the job first.


From the ServiceBridge account you are able to view the Time Card Report for each employees time cards.

To access that you will need to log in to your account and go Click on Reports and Time Cards Report

A time card report will now open up and from there you can choose the employee and choose from a specific date or different date ranges you wish to see. 

From the Time Cards Report you are able to view time cards for each employee on each specific day or any date range you need. You can choose a specific date for each day, week, month, or custom range. All of your employee time cards will be accessible here.

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