The Terms of Service feature displays the wording to which the customer has to agree before signing on the mobile device screen.How to enable Terms of Service in the ServicePortal: Under Account Summary click on:

  1. Settings

  2. Company Settings

  3. Select the checkbox, "Display terms and conditions when collecting signature."

Where to enter the Terms of Service in ServiceCEO:

  1. Tools -> Options -> Reporting -> Invoice/WO/Estimate

  2. Scroll down to Footers and Disclaimer Statements

  3. For Work Orders:
    Click to edit Agreement for Work Orders

  4. For Estimates:
    Click to edit Agreement for Estimates

  5. Enter Terms of Service here

How Terms of Service will be displayed in ServiceBridge app:

  1. In the signature tab, customer will click on "New Signature" and the Terms of Service prompt will open.

Customer will have two options; Agree or Disagree with the Terms of Service

  1. IF customer clicks on Agree, then the customer will proceed with signing

  2. IF customer clicks on Disagree; then the customer will be returned to the signature tab.

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