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How to Void Payment
How to Void Payment
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When should I void a payment?

Void operation can be performed on payments, credit memo refunds, refund receipt refunds and overpayment refunds. Voiding basically cancels transaction. It does not delete it, but clears the amount. Authorize.Net transactions can be voided only if they are not settled (deposited) yet. Depending on voided transaction type - customer balance may or may not be affected. If a credit memo is voided then the customer balance will be affected and if a refund receipt is voided then the customer balance will not be affected.

How to void a payment

Open a payment that you would like to void. Click on the Void button.

Confirm by clicking the Void button.

Note that the payment will be zeroed out and a description ‘Voided’ will be added to the payment automatically.

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