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Update Invoices and Work Orders
Update Invoices and Work Orders
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You have the ability to adjust the pricing for the invoices that were issued from ServiceBridge and the changes will sync back to the QuickBooks online.
To edit Invoices you will have to locate the Invoice in ServiceBridge. You can do so in the Invoice section, in the Customer details section and in the Work Orders section
Once you find the Invoice, click "Edit" to edit the information on the Invoice

Then you can edit the information and click "Save"ย 

Once you click "Save" at the bottom you will see that the Invoice will then sync with QuickBooks Online.

*Note that the updates to the Invoice will not automatically transfer to Work Orders because once a job is set to Completed it is locked. If you will need to match the Invoice amount or numbers with the Work Orders we will need to re-open that work order.

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