If you cannot see job information on your field workers' mobile devices, then the ServiceBridge web version and mobile version are not communicating properly. Thankfully, this is usually a very easy fix. Here are the most common issues.

The mobile device ID number was entered into ServiceBridge incorrectly

Because the device number attached to every mobile device is quite long, it’s easy to make a mistake when you are typing it into ServiceBridge. If the number is entered incorrectly, the two devices are not connecting.

To learn how to connect your mobile device successfully, click here.

Make sure you assigned the job to a team, not personnel

Recall that you can only assign jobs to teams—not personnel. This means your field workers must be included in the team that you assigned the job to.

To learn how to assign a job to a mobile device, click here.

Is the data purged from the mobile device?

If you have not purged the data from the mobile device, it is not connected to your ServiceBridge account, and you cannot assign jobs to it.

To learn how to purge the data, click here.

Did you change the status of the job to ‘Assigned’?

Whenever you create a job on ServiceBridge, you must change its status to ‘Assigned’ in order for the job to show up on a mobile device.

To learn how to assign a job to a mobile device, click here.

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