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Fast Resolution of Common Support Issues
Fast Resolution of Common Support Issues
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Here you will find steps for the fastest resolution to common ServiceBridge support issues.

Web App Issues

  • Make sure you are using a supported web browser (the latest version of Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge). See the directions below to confirm if your browser is up to date in Chrome

  • Clear cookies and web browsing history in the browser

  • Logout from ServiceBridge and log back in

  • Check your Internet access and confirm your download speed with Heavy Internet usage on your local network can slow down the speed of the Internet connection promised by the Internet service provider

  • Verify that the affected user has the correct permissions to transact with the ServiceBridge data in question

  • Audit Log

Mobile App Issues

  • Make sure that you are using a supported mobile OS (iOS or Android):

  • Make sure that you are using the latest ServiceBridge mobile app version for your mobile OS

ServiceBridge/QuickBooks Online Sync Issues

  • Check the QuickBooks sync status via Company Settings / QuickBooks Online section for potential errors. Errors will have descriptions with potential resolutions

  • Force sync with QuickBooks Online under Company Settings / QuickBooks

  • Check audit log

Access the Help and Support Section 

If none of the above suggestions solve your problem, type your problem into the "How Can We Help?" box at

To ensure that we can diagnose the problem, be sure to take screenshots of:

  • Web page or mobile app screen with issue highlighted

  • Any error messages

  • The desired behavior (if possible)

  • Audit log

Submit Ticket to ServiceBridge Support Team

So we can recreate the situation, write a detailed description of the problem that includes the following information:

  • URL (weblink) of the ServiceBridge web page in question, if applicable

  • What actions were taken to create the issue

  • Description of the expected behavior

When completed, submit the ticket to the ServiceBridge support team, and we will contact you.

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