How to Apply Payments to an Invoice
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Now that you have sent an invoice to a customer, you can apply your customer's payments to the invoice record on ServiceBridge.

To do this, you will create a payment record for the invoice with which you are working.

To create a payment, go to Invoices (under Accounting) and select the invoice you will be applying a payment to.

Notice, too, that the status of this invoice is 'Open.' This means the invoice has not yet been paid. To apply a payment to this invoice, scroll to payments and click the (+Add new) button.

A form will appear in which you can enter Payment Info, Payment Invoices, and Unpaid Invoices. You can also add more than one unpaid invoice into one payment.

Once you collect the full payment amount, the status of the invoice will change to PAID.

Apply a payment

If a technician has already collected and recorded a payment in the field you can also apply that payment in ServiceBridge.

Instead of clicking +Add New to create a new payment you can click on the "Apply" button to apply the received payment.

Verify the information and click "Apply" to finalize.

The payment has been applied the same as in the first example.

Manage Payments on QuickBooks

From QuickBooks Online you can go to the Invoice:

Once you click "Save and new" you will be shown a window telling you that the payment is saved. 

You will also notice that on that invoice it will show that it is PAID

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