Time to complete: 10 minutes

First, go to the Google Play store and download the GPS Insight Field Service app. When this is done, open the app and tap onto "Or Login With your Device ID instead". Then tap onto "or connect manually" and the Device ID number by shown. Put the app aside for a moment, but leave this page open.

This is the Device ID number. You will need it to connect you device to GPS Insight Field Service app.

Using the Device ID number, you will now attach this device to an employee in your organization. To do so, login to the web version of ServiceBridge and scroll to Personnel, which is on the left side of the screen.

Click on Add Device Button.

After clicking the add button, a page will pop-up that asks you to choose an employee.

Tap onto "Enter Device ID"

In the ‘Device Nickname’ field, enter a name for the device, such as "Derek's Tablet." (The name can be anything)

Enter in Device ID that was shown on your GPS Insight Field Service app.
Select if you would want the Pin to be required.

Next, create a pin number for this device. You will use the pin number number to login to GPS Insight Field Service on this device.

After the Device ID has been added click onto "Save" and you will see it added to the list of "Devices"

The mobile app should automatically start to sync. If it did not, close the app and relaunch and you will see it automatically being to sync.

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