Subscription Management
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GPS Insight Field Service users are responsible for their own subscription management, activation of new users or deactivation of the unused ones, along with the costs associated with the number of users on the account.

If you want to review your subscription, you can do it in Company Settings, Subscription Management section. In the Summary part you can see how many active licenses you have and which plugins (QuickBooks and Timesheets) are enabled for you:

If you press the "Edit" button, you'll be able to activate or deactivate the QuickBooks or Timesheets plugins:

If you want to add a new user or stop paying for one's subscription, you should go to your Personnel section. You will see a list of your employees and in the "Subscription" column you will find the buttons which activate or suspend the subscriptions:

After you suspend an employee's subscription, their user becomes inactive and they will not be able to connect to your ServiceBridge account.

Please keep in mind that a created employee does not automatically become a ServiceBridge user. The username has to be created separately. Also, deactivating an employee, does not automatically deactivate one's license. Subscriptions are activated/suspended only through the Subscription section in the Personnel list.

After the user is suspended, your credit card will not be charged for this user's license anymore. If you activate a user, your credit card will be charged for the new license additionally.

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