The Merge Customers tool in ServiceBridge allows you to move all the jobs and accounting data from one customer record to another, keeping only the Master Customer record. 

The Merge Customer tool is accessible only to system users who belong to a security role that have Modify or Delete permissions for Merge Customer selected.

When two customer records are merged, all invoices, payments and refunds are transferred to the Master Customer record. Once all information is transferred, the Duplicate Customer record is deleted in ServiceBridge and QuickBooks. This cannot be undone.

Estimates, work orders and assets are also transferred when merging two customer records. 

Merging 2 Customer records 

Login to your ServiceBridge account and navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner.

In the Tools section, choose Merge Customers. This will launch a wizard with four steps. 

In Step 1, specify the Master Record, Duplicate Record and values that should be preserved after the merge.

Master Record is the one that will stay after the merge. 

Duplicate Record is the one whose jobs and accounting data will be transferred to the Master Record. After the merge, the Duplicate Record will be deleted in ServiceBridge and QuickBooks. This cannot be undone.

Once you have entered the names of the Master Record and the Duplicate Record, the information on each profile will populate. Once populated, you are able to select which values you would like to keep by choosing the radio button next to each field. In the highlighted section, I have chosen to keep the Marketing Campaign for Jason Doe by choosing the radio button next to that field under his column. Once you are satisfied with your choices, click Next.

In the second step, you are able to select which values you would like to keep in the merge for custom fields by choosing the radio button in a record column like you did in Step One. In this case, I am choosing to keep the custom field of Number of Pets under John Doe's record. System users can verify the populated data, select values that should be preserved or enter new data for the Master Record account. Click Next

You will see what the merged master record will look like. As a reminder, merging cannot be undone. If you are ready to proceed, click Merge. If there are edits to be made, click Previous.  

 Your merge was successful! 

Cases when Customers cannot be merged

QuickBooks integration is disconnected
If ServiceBridge is not disconnected from your QuickBooks Online, you will not be able to complete the merge and will see the below error message. Connect to Quickbooks and return to the Merge Customers wizard to complete the merge.

Credit Memos on QuickBooks
You are not able to merge customers that have applied credit memos. 

You can also merge Customers on QuickBooks Online.

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